The abbreviation EUGROPA stand for the European Association of Paper Merchants. Together, the EUGROPA members employ a workforce of around 15,000 and have sales revenues of approximately EUR 8.6 billion. The trading volume of the members amounts to a total of some 8.4 million tonnes.


We do a lot of Evangelization about Paper

  • Fight misconceived ideas about environmental impact of Paper
  • Explain Role & Efficiency of Paper in Overall Marketing spending mix
  • Promote the use of Value added grades; Recycled, Creative Papers

We provide Market Understanding

  • Technology trends, new applications, new customer types, pricing & volume trends
  • Identify new product needs, participate to product development & testing with customers and with OEMs

We give Market Coverage

  • Manage large Field and Telephone-based account management teams
  • Paper consultants to address brand owners and agencies
  • Showrooms & Training centres

We facilitate Demand Generation

  • Provide product literature, samples , dummies, trial packs
  • Train Printers and Office resellers on new products, new opportunities
  • Perform Backselling leading to Specifications with Brand owners and Agencies and even sometimes volume-based commercial agreements
  • Propose Co- Marketing activities with Printers and Office paper resellers

We manage Credit risk & Cash collection as well as advanced Financial services

  • Assess credit risks, negotiate insurance coverage, provide credit limits and financial options
  • Collect cash

We manage Customer claims (Technical and Delivery related)

  • Identify technical issues, perform initial diagnostics
  • Manage returns and replacement of faulty products
  • Manage logistic issues and external transport providers

We provide an efficient Supply chain

  • Share forecasts to improve production planning
  • Propose EDI links for efficient order processing
  • Manage stock to ensure immediate product availability and bespoke product requests
  • Manage Customer order taking, offline and online (24/7)
  • Offer converting capabilities & product personalization
  • Deliver products with numerous delivery options


We do a lot of Evangelization about Paper

  • Fight misconceived ideas about environmental impact of Paper
  • Explain Role & Efficiency of Paper in Overall Marketing spending mix
  • Promote the use of Value added grades; Recycled, Creative Papers

We facilitate Demand Creation

  • Provide Business networking opportunities between Brand owners, Agencies & Printers
  • Generate leads by doing prescription with agencies and brand owners
  • Evangelize new applications (digital grades, specialities) and provide sales tools to Printers’ sales forces (collections, application kits)
  • Provide marketing budget to finance demand generating activities (catalogues, mailings, events, sales contests)

We provide Business & Technical Consulting

  • Market trends sharing, new market opportunities
  • “Green” certification consulting: FSC, PEFC
  • Workflow management consulting: from Pre-press to Finishing
  • Colour Management consulting, ICC profiling & ICC profile availability

We offer a One-stop shop with a wide Product assortment

  • High-stock rotation & exotic items, Standard & Bespoke, Stock & Indent offer
  • Ream wrapped & Bulk packed, Standard pallets & Split pallets
  • Mill brands, Merchant On Label & Customer On Label brands
  • Promotional offer / Clearance-Stock offer

We help the Selection of the right Paper

  • Price lists, product information & data sheets via web site, printed catalogues and sales people
  • Paper compatibility matrix with equipment and with printing techniques
  • Samples, Printed samples, Dummies, Trial Packs
  • Showroom

We provide a wide range of Delivery options

  • Next business day with full geographical coverage
  • Same day delivery, multiple-deliveries per day, taxi delivery, precise timeslot delivery time
  • Small Order Service, Delivery at point of paper use (office upper floors, print room)
  • Collection, Storage and Distribution of finished printed goods to end-users

We propose Converting & Product Personalization capabilities

  • Cutting to specific sizes, Reel-to-Reel cutting, Punching, Specific Labelling
  • Surface treatment

We offer from classic Ordering to full end-to-end Paper Management

  • Extended business hour ordering offline & 24/7, Ordering online capabilities
  • Stock consignment & Merchant-managed stock service
  • Return of Unused Paper & Waste collection service

We ensure CSR compliance and propose Sustainability options

  • Tracking of Supplier compliance with traceability legislation and availability of mandatory documentation
  • Large “Green” product offer (FSC/PEFC, Recycled) with GSS rating system
  • FSC/PEFC chain of custody certification

We manage After-Sales issues

  • Identify technical issues, perform initial diagnostics
  • Manage returns and replacement of faulty products
  • Manage logistic issues with internal & external transport providers

We provide Financing services

  • Payment options: Credit card, p-Card, Credit facilities
  • Factoring services

We offer e-Services

  • Customized customer-specific price list and Datasheet & Paper certificate downloading
  • 24/24, 7/7 ordering service
  • EDI & S2S integration
  • Historical information: order, invoice & payment history
  • Marketing collaterals & Sales tools ordering
  • Product information-rich export tool (product description, photos, certification) to populate websites and catalogues




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Between 2005 and 2015, European forests grew by 44,000 KM2 – that’s over 1500 football pitches everyday!


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Think paper is wasteful?

Paper is one of the most recycled products in the world with a European recycling rate of 72.5%!

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